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Maëva Boldron was born in Paris, France. She discovered yoga at the age of 17 as she was dancing in Paris and soon after in very vibrant New York City where she moved to study Ballet and Modern dance at the prestigious Alvin Ailey School. 


Initially yoga was a way to rebalance her body and cross-train for her health. But very soon, deeper layers emerged. 

As she was pursuing a dance career, yoga  became a way to deeply listen to herself, to find peace within chaos, and to rise from dark times to light with the help of her mentors and teachers (Mathieu Boldron, Dharma Mittra, Jared McCann, and more). As her perspectives deepened, she decided to follow her brother, Mathieu, on a yogic journey and got her first certification 200RYT in Ashtanga-Vinyasa in Thailand in 2017 followed in 2019 by her 300RTY in Vinyasa and Yin in Sri Lanka. 

Teaching in Paris and abroad, in festivals and workshops, Maëva is known for her fluid practice connecting with motion and breath. Continuously feeding and expanding her knowledge Maëva is still developing her movement and dance research. She enriches her workshops, intensives and retreats with this knowledge pushing away the limits of the yoga mat, utilizing locomotion techniques, dance, contact principles  and improvisation while staying deeply connected to yoga philosophy. 




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